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About Dr. Sabeti

Anita Sabeti, MD, mother of two, is a board-certified Pediatrician. She accomplished her pediatric internship and residency at Women’s and Children’s Hospital at Los Angeles, USC. She is attending at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and voluntary attending at Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles. Dr Sabeti also has privileges at Valley Presbyterian Hospital.

Dr Sabeti has a new approach to treating her patients by providing a combination of traditional and modern medicine. She has a passion for preventive medicine by encouraging her patients to pursue a healthy life style and emphasizing the anticipatory guidance in each office visit. Dr Sabeti believes in boosting the immune system starting with breastfeeding, healthy nutrition and stress free environment. She helps her patients achieve this goal. Being a mom herself, She understands the joy and the complexity of raising kids. Dr Sabeti tries to help the parents enjoy raising their kids even more by teaching them the basics they need to know in this process.

Dr Sabeti incorporates her wide based knowledge and experience into a style of treatment and prevention that is hard to find in most practices. Understanding the diversity of cultures in United States, specially here in Los Angeles, Dr Sabeti offers her patients with variety of plans for sleeping routines, nutrition, discipline, and vaccination schedule.

Dr Sabeti is pro vaccination and strongly advice patients to be fully immunized against these preventable diseases. She is eager to answer all parents’ concerns regarding vaccines so they can clearly make their decision for vaccinating their child. She will schedule immunizations to fit patient’s best interest depending on each child’s situation and parental concerns. Though there’s no proven link between Thimerosol and Autism, our vaccines are all Thimerosol free.

She believes that a pediatrician should be available to her patients 24/7. She will return the patients’ phone calls during the day ASAP and answers her patient’s calls after office hours and on the weekends. Her office offers same day appointment to sick patients. The sick patient will never stay in the same room with a healthy child. In her office you can enjoy the boutique service, while accepting most insurance plans. Every schedule is spaced enough so the patients can spend enough time with the doctor; without long waits in the waiting room. Dr Sabeti manages to answer all parents concerns and questions in a timely manner. Dr Sabeti is always available to her patients herself and there is no nurse practitioner or any other doctor in her office.

Our office is equipped with the state of the art medical technology such as Transcutaneous BiliCheck device (Non-invasive bilirubin level test for newborns), advanced hearing screening devices and politzerization device for chronic ear effusion.

Having the kids’ and their parents’ interest in mind, every detail in the office is designed by Dr Sabeti and it is not only kids friendly but also is soothing and relaxing for parents. Her office is considered one of the most beautiful pediatric clinics in Los Angeles. Our medical staff are hand picked professionals with long experience in pediatric offices. They love kids and make their visits to our office joyful.

In her spare time Anita enjoys cooking, skiing in wonderful mountains of California, swimming and following her passion, interior design. Anita enjoys spending time with her kids and family.

Your child is precious to you and also to us. We enjoy seeing joy on our patients faces and peace of mind in their parents’ smile.


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