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Summer is here. Note the following tips when you take your children to playground:

•Playground should have safety mats or loose-fill materials .
•All seats should be made of rubber, plastic or canvas. It allpies to swings, etc..
•There shouldnt be any exposed moving parts so it can’t pinch or trap any body part.
•Never let your children play barefoot.

How to interview and choose a pediatrician

  • Which hospital is the doctor affiliated with?
  • Will the doctor see your newborn baby in the hospital?
  • Does the doctor accept and answer questions by phone or Email?
  • How long does it take to get a non-emergency appointment with the doctor?
  • Does the doctor gives same day appointment?
  • How are appointments handled for sick visits?
  • Are there separate well-baby and sick-baby waiting rooms?
  • How do you reach the doctor if your child gets sick after hours? When your doctor is not on call, who covers? (Some doctors send patients to urgent care clinics, for example, while others will meet you at the office even at night.)
  • Do you and the doctor have similar views on topics such as circumcision, breastfeeding, immunizations, alternative medicine, and parenting issues such as attachment parenting, co-sleeping, single parenthood, and daycare? If not, is the doctor open to — and supportive of — other opinions and approaches?


Some breastfeeding tips for first time mothers:

One of the challenges for new born’s and their mother is that it takes some time (for both baby and mother) to adjust to new routine. I recommend to expecting mothers to view the following site.



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