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Our seven year old son, Julian, loves Dr. Sabeti so much that we brave the long drive from downtown to central Beverly Hills just to see her.  She is a terrific pediatrician with a lovely office and bedside manor.  When Julian was recently diagnosed with diabetes, Dr. Sabeti made sure that we had her personal cell number to text her with updates from the hospital and made the difficult process as smooth as possible.  We can't recommend her highly enough.

Jesyca S, Los Angeles - Yelp

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Finding a great doctor for my babies has been such a challenge. Until we were recommended to Dr.Sabeti- she's incredibly smart, warm & she's a mom with so much experience. She offers help & great advice. I don't ever feel rushed and she has let me know multiple times that we can always page her if we need anything. Also (very important) the office is extremely clean. I've never even seen a speck of dust :) 

We've never had to wait which means she's not over booking her schedule which can be extremely annoying.

We live in Glendale so it's a drive to see her but having the best healthcare for our kids is well worth a drive :) Thank you Dr. Sabeti !!

Lauren G - Yelp

We are still with Dr Sabeti.  Our son is now almost 1 year old and is incredibly healthy and active.  

Dr Sabeti has proven to be a great pediatrician; my son absolutely lights up when she comes into the room.  He really loves her!

We are so grateful Dr Sabeti is supportive of our decision to follow an alternative vaccine schedule. She has no problems with alternative vaccine schedules and with us wanting to space out our son's shots and give them individually.  

We also love that we can call if we need her.  She or her assistant are quick to help with even the slightest concern.  Quite a few times, I was expecting to have to bring my son in for this or that, & instead they were able to save us the doctors visit  and instead provide simple, over the phone guidance; this is always followed up with "but if that doesn't work, we may have you bring him in."  They are thorough & genuinely care about their patients!

Update:  Our son is now 2 years old and we still absolutely adore Dr Sabeti. So much so, that we still go to her even though we have moved to Calabasas. She is worth the drive, & irreplaceable in our opinion.

Jeni, H Calabasas - Yelp

Dr. Anita Sabeti is not only a great doctor but is very caring about her patients. I have two teenagers which have been seeing Dr. Sabeti for many years. My teenagers are very open with her and they know they can talk to her about teenager problems with confidence and know that she will walk them through all their questions and concerns.  And her front staff is also very caring.

Love Lopez Family

Celina L, Downey - Yelp

What a gem of a pediatrician. That's how my friend described her when I asked her for a pediatrician recommendation.

When I was pregnant with my first child, we went to see Dr. Sabeti and she answered all my first-time mommy questions with so much patience. I must have sounded like a crazy person, but she was so thorough and sweet. 

Since then, Dr. Sabeti had seen my two kids up until we moved and are no longer close enough to go to see her. Dr. Sabeti is enthusiastic, experienced, empathetic, and knowledgeable (and she has great style). I am still trying to find a pediatrician in our area that compares to her style of practice, but Dr. Sabeti set the bar high for excellence

Sofia H, Beverly Hills - Yelp

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My daughter misses her doctor (Dr. Anita) every single day and she asks me when do we see her again! I am not sure if most kids feel that way about their pediatrician and that just says how kind, gentle, and sweet she is beside being so incredibly smart, patient and always always (even when she is on vacation) available to answer our calls and concerns. I feel so blessed and at ease to have my daughter in her care.

Helia, N, Beverly Hills - Google Reviews

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We had one appointment with Dr. Sabeti; she was phenomenal and spent so much time with us. I appreciated her kindness and attentiveness towards my infant daughter, as well as her thoughtful and informative responses to all of my questions and concerns. Though we only saw her once (I ended up choosing an office closer to our home, that doesn't have a membership fee), I would go back to her without any hesitation. The woman administering the vaccines also did a fantastic job. The only negative experience was a miscommunication with the front office re: immunization records, but even that was quickly resolved. Thank you for the wonderful service!

Joy L, Beverly Hills - Yelp Reviews

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Dr. Sabeti was there after my daughter was born. We met and interviewed a few pediatricians in the same area prior to meeting Dr. Sabeti. When we met her, we knew immediately she was the one. We were first time parents so we had a lot of concerns and questions, mostly nerves. At every single appointment, Dr. Sabeti was very understanding, soothing and calming. She was always informative and thorough. Never rushed, never disapproving, never condescending. She also answers email inquiries after hours. We relocated and my daughter has had a couple of different pediatricians since Dr. Sabeti. There's no one quite like Dr. Sabeti. To this day, we still feel Dr. Sabeti is the best and our favorite.

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