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Moving to Los Angeles with Kids?

Moving to a new place is a stressful process. This is especially true if you have children. There are new doctors providers to interview, and new schools, and activities to locate and learn about.

One of the big items on the list is to find the best pediatrician, especially if you are moving to a big city like Los Angeles. This is a big list, but these tips can offer some guidance in helping you select the best pediatrician for your children.

1.Do your research (This is the most important one!),

  • Where the pediatrician went to school?

  • Is she board-certified?

  • How long has she been in practice?

  • Does she have they have any current hospital affiliations like Cedars Sinai affiliation

  • Is their office located somewhere convenient to your child’s school, your workplace or daycare?

  • How big is the practice and if she is practicing solo?

. Ask questions.

During your preliminary visit with potential pediatricians, come prepared with a list of questions. These can help make it easier to decide if the physician is the right fit for your children:

  • How many children does this physician generally see at this practice on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis?

  • If your child has specific medical needs, ask the doctor if he or she has any specialized training in that area.

  • What age ranges and conditions does the pediatrician primarily treat?

  • Does the physician have children of their own? This may not be of equal importance to every parent, but it can be comforting to some.

  • Does this practice have a call-in policy for routine or follow-up questions? Is he or she available via email?

  • Does the practice have any weekend or evening appointments available? How are questions or concerns handled after hours?

  • How are walk-in visits or visits for more acute illnesses handled at this practice?

  • Who/where does he or she generally refer his or her patients to for more specialized or follow-up care?

  • Does he or she have hospital admitting privileges?

  • Is there a payment plan available if this physician isn’t covered by your insurance plan?

It can also to be helpful to learn more about the pediatrician’s general childcare philosophies – what his or her thoughts are on issues such as bottle feeding, nap times, diet and nutrition for children, alternative medicine, antibiotic use and immunization.

In the end, you know what’s best for your children. These simple tips are just guidelines to help make what can be an overwhelming search process a bit easier on your family.

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