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Dr. Sabeti is an absolute angel! She is amazing with kids and adults and the wisest person I've ever met.The best pediatrician EVER! We love her.

Nicole B. Beverly Hills

Best Pediatrician in Los Angeles, CA. Special Thanks to Inessa Grinberg, MD and John Pham, M.D, Paulina Buraczynski, MD and Kacey O’Malley, MD.

Well Visit

Well visits are the most important part of my practice to keep children healthy. In each well exam, we go over your child’s growth and development. We talk about diet, sleep, activity, safety, parenting, discipline and any other age appropriate subject. We give Immunizations required for that age. 

Age appropriate screenings, like vision and hearing, as well as required lab tests, will be performed at well visit appointments. We also talk about upcoming milestones and what should you expect until our next visit.

Well visits should be scheduled ahead of time.

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Sick Visit

In my practice, we have same day sick visit appointments.

I take care of a variety of childhood illnesses form infections to Asthma, allergy, obesity, GI problems, neonatal jaundice, skin diseases, acne, etc.

I work with an amazing team of pediatric specialties if a referral would be necessary. I admit patients at Cedars Sinai if needed.

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Vaccinations are an important part of your child’s health. Vaccines boost kids’ immune system and are the best way to protect them from serious infections and diseases like meningitis, measles, polio, whooping cough, pneumonia and chicken pox. I follow the Immunization recommendations by CDC (Center for Disease Control)and AAP ( American Academy of Pediatrics).

Since it’s my pride to provide a safe environment for my patients, their families and my staff, it’s against my values to accept unimmunized children in my practice.

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Prenatal Consultation and Newborn Visit at the Hospital

This is an exciting time for expectant parents. I offer a complimentary visit for you to get to know my perspectives and our office policies. This is a great opportunity for us to start knowing each other. In this visit, my goal is to help you take the first steps to raise a happy and healthy child.

If your baby is born at Cedars Sinai I will see your baby at the hospital within 24 hours. When you’re registering at Cedars Sinai for delivery, you can simply write my name as your pediatrician and the staff at the hospital will call me as soon as your baby is born.

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We accept PPO Insurances such as: 

  • Blue Cross

  • Blue Shield of California

  • Cigna

  • Health Net

  • United Healthcare

  • Multiplan

  • Aetna

  • Motion Picture Industry Health Plan

We DO NOT accept MediCal or HMO Plans

obese kid.webp

Children Obesity Consultation

Not every child with extra weight is considered to be obese. If you are concerned that your child might be obese, it is best to get a proper examination from a pediatrician who has expertise in this field.  Your pediatrician will determine if your child's weight could pose health problems. 

Dr. Sabeti will look into diet, activity, genetic factors, and psychological factors and give you a treatment plan. 

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