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Who I Am

Anita Sabeti, M.D. Pediatrician 

We see patients with eyelid rash, Baby Throwing up and pediatric immunization schedule. Also we do rashes on infants, vaccination reaction  and

I am a board certified pediatrician in private practice in Beverly Hills. I’m a solo practitioner and you will always only see me as your doctor when you come to the office.  I completed  my pediatric residency program in 2005 at Women’s and children’s hospital, USC- LA county.

I started my private practice in Beverly Hills in 2007 and since then had great opportunity to take care of thousands of beautiful children as their pediatrician. I am an active attending at  Cedars Sinai hospital. Our service is available to you 24/7; you can always reach a doctor on the phone after hours. You are greeted and taken care by our friendly and compassionate  staff when you come to the office, whether you’re speaking English, Farsi or Spanish.

On a personal note, I’m married and we have 2 beautiful kids. My daughter is studying in NYU and my 15 year old son is a 10th grader soccer player.  My favorite time of the day is  spending time with my family. I try to cook dinner every night since dinner time in our home is the time we get together and share our day and thrive upon it. I enjoy skiing, swimming and interior design. I like to discuss interesting medical cases with my Dad who’s a retired Neurologist and medical school professor and learn something new from his many years of experience every time.

I’m also the president and co-founder of MagnaBid, a startup company that puts patients and doctors together.


My philosophy:

I believe pediatricians and parents should be a team taking care of a child, enabling the child to reach his/ her optimal physical and emotional well being.

I also believe:

-Prevention is the best medicine

- A child should be healthy, happy and functional

-Anxious parents will raise anxious kids

-Knowledge is power but Dr. Google is not your best option

-Vaccination is one of the best inventions happened in health care

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